Despite the popular image of hotels’ opulence and neoclassical aesthetic appearing to be the prerequisites of an excellent stay, the reality is that many of us cannot afford to lodge at a 5-star hotel without significantly shortening our trips. Rather than being tricked by the supposed honour of staying at a luxury hotel, pragmatism makes for a much more logical and cost-effective approach for an inspiring journey in a foreign country.

What Should You Look for in Great Hotels?

There are always the basics of hygiene and comfort, which almost any hotel can replicate in their design and organisation of their primary facilities. Beyond that lies the heart of any fantastic hospitality services; the firm grounding of a stable mood of sincerity and amiability. Humans, by their very core, are social creatures and what is most likely to remain at the forefront of their memories, are their subjective experiences of their interactions with others, even if it is mere information gathering of the local cultural experiences which are worthwhile to attend at.

After the Basics: Maximising your Experience

The issue of privacy remains controversial in hotels; no doubt, it is essential, but for more paranoid travellers, anxious on their first journeys, such fears are genuine and can be combated easily through physical checks via their phone. Expanding from the previous point on ensuring great relationships are formed between yourself and staff members, the fruits of such intimate connections are sowed in the form of being able to maximise your stay with the hotel through asking for small favours and returning them in the form of tips or just everyday conversation.