Admit it, you have daydreamed about a lavish hotel breakfast more than once. Well, maybe you haven’t, but we have. Oh, who are we kidding, of course you have as well!

One of the absolutely best parts of staying at a hotel is slowly waking up in the morning, stretching out in the crisp bed and looking forward to the breakfast. Finishing the morning rituals and entering the breakfast room.Taking a first look to get an overview.

If you are facing a breakfast buffet, walking slowly around it to see what’s on offer and decide what to get. Get the first, lovely cup of coffee or tea and sit down to savour the moment.

Eggs And Hot Food

Eggs is a must at every hotel breakfast. Boiled, fried or scrambled, either way is fine. But if they are scrambled, there must be a bottle of hot sauce nearby!

Most of the time, the state of the bacon is a good indication of the complete breakfast. If the bacon’s good, the rest of the breakfast is as well. And of course, the other way around is valid also.

Bread And Toppings

Freshly baked bread should be present at all hotel breakfasts. For top marks in our book, the bread should still be slightly warm. Toast and a toaster is also a hard requirement.

Various sliced cheeses, ham, salami and pate make a good selection of toppings. Orange marmalade is the minimum, but other types of jam is good as well. And, for the sweet-tooth – nutella.

Real butter as well as a lighter alternative should be available.

Desserts And Sweets

No hotel breakfast is complete without a sweet ending. Once you have had you real breakfast, eaten slowly and talked for a while, it is time for something sweet to add to the luxury of the experience. Waffles or pancakes, served with jam and whipped cream, or maybe nutella.

Some danish pastry or sponge cake. Perhaps a brioche or a pain au chocolat? And of course, the extra cup of coffee or tea to really top it off.

For full marks, fresh fruit must be present as well.