With the heavy influence of social media dominating people’s lives in forms of entertainment and in building their own platform of their reputation, many hotels have started to incorporate it into their own activities and opportunities to promote themselves. Such marketing strategies, although valid, are still blatantly and obnoxiously transparent to customers, who prefer sincerity and a genuine communal atmosphere. Rather than boldly requesting reviews and posting luxurious professionally taken photographs onto Instagram to propel themselves, hotels should instead seek to accommodate customers’ needs for social media instead.

Customers and the Discrete Method of Marketing

Marketing is not always about posting advertisements all over the internet to snag the eye of a particular desperate individual, who has no clue where to start for looking at potential abodes. Indeed, the technique of imbuing this into the subconscious is quite unlikely, in that it never stays for long because no emotional connection has been made to allow the hotel to remain memorable for long. What is more effective, is perhaps the discrete promoting of the grandness of a particular hotel through anecdotes, usually passed around by social media, either to friends and family, or strangers venerating that specific person and thus, all of his or her experiences. While hotels cannot coerce their customers to take and post pictures of the interior and exterior of the hotel, what they can most certainly do, is provide a variety of socialising opportunities which are accessible to all. This will encourage pleasant memories to be created and cherished as part of their growth and learning processes, that would be much more likely to be translated into their stories on platforms such as Tumblr and Facebook. When they have spread around to others’ newsfeed, depending on the degree of fame and adoration in their community, the said person is much more capable of attracting the attention of other potential customers more than the hotels themselves can do.