Finding accommodation at ski resorts is easy, as the main source of income there is tourism. However, finding the best accommodation is another question. There are numerous factors to take into account when looking for a suitable lodging when going skiing, so it’s best to start well in advance.

The very first thing you need to think through is what kind of skier you are. The real snow buff might be satisfied with a simpler accommodation in order to be able to stay longer, while someone who is not that avid a skier may want a higher level of service at the hotel.

Apartment Instead of Hotel

One way of reducing the cost of the ski trip is to opt to stay at an apartment instead of a hotel. That way, you have the possibility to cook your own meals, and don’t have to spend a lot of money at restaurants every day. In addition to that, it is a comfy feeling when you gather round a home cooked meal even when on vacation.

If you are going for the apartment alternative, some further money can be saved by bringing a few things along from home. Salt and pepper, coffee filters, dishwashing liquid and a sponge are small items that will easily fit in your bag.

Take Distances Into Consideration

When selecting where to stay at your skiing vacation, it is important to have a look at some distances. Transportation is commonly available at most resorts, often in form of free shuttles, but they do take time and can be crowded as well.

Walking in ski boots is uncomfortable, so the smaller the distance the better. The two most important places that you want to have close to your lodging is the ski lift (of course!) and the after ski location.

In most resorts, there are a few places that is more commonly frequented at the end of the skiing day, even if most pubs and cafés offer after ski. If you manage to have one of them close to your apartment of hotel, you can minimize the distance you will walk in your ski boots, thereby reducing the risk for nasty accidents.