If you are the least interested in hotels, and we guess that you are, one way of making your holiday into something special is through planning it from a hotel perspective. Let your lodging lead the way instead of the other way around.

Ok, you sort of need to settle for an overall location. But once that is done, you start looking for nice, funny, friendly, quaint or luxurious hotels in the area and make a more detailed plan based on what you find most interesting. More often than not, you will also find some interesting and nice restaurants nearby the hotels. Combine them, and you are all set up for an amazing trip.

Yes, It Takes Some Planning

We won’t lie – there will be a certain amount of planning and squeezing and re-scheduling involved. But once you have a solid plan, the holiday itself will be amazing and you will not only see the destination but also try some really interesting hotels.

Worth keeping in mind when you do the planning is that if you can make it into a roundtrip without a lot of back and forth, the overall experience will be slightly better as it will feel more like a holiday and less like “we are trying this hotel, and that, and this, and oh, wait, that one too”.

And above all, planning for this kind of holiday is fun in and of itself. Checking out nice accommodations, thinking about what you want to experience and what you value, dreaming of the perfect hotel room you saw at a website… It is all part of the trip.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before leaving on your holiday – make sure that you have all booking details as well as addresses of the hotels with you.

When you try more than one hotel per trip, writing down a summary of the hotel is a good way of keeping them apart. Also, it will help you in the future when you would like to visit one hotel again, but don’t remember exactly which one.

At check-in to the hotels, you could always try to strike a conversation with the person helping you. Mentioning that you have let the hotels guide you through your holiday might be a door-opener to an upgrade of your stay. Don’t take it for granted, but should it happen – be grateful and seize the opportunity.