Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a lovely city to visit even in the summer. As it is situated on the coast, it does not get too hot. And should you hit a heatwave, there is plenty of water to bathe in.

There are plenty of nice hotels in Stockholm. Pick one in the city centre and you have all of the city’s lovely spots just outside the hotel entrance. There are loads of bars, cafés and restaurants with al fresco seating available, so keeping your distance is easy enough.

Picnic in the Park

In the summer, you’ll find the parks full of people enjoying picnics. Join them, and experience one of the Stockholm highlights. Visit Systembolaget to buy a bottle of wine the Swedish way, and get a take-out pizza for a really easy meal in the sun.

There may be a lot of people in the parks, but even so the social distancing isn’t too hard as the parks are both large and numerous. If you find one green area too crowded, stroll a few blocks and try the next one.

Enjoy the Water

There are plenty of water activities in and around Stockholm. For example, you could rent a kayak and explore a little bit of the beautiful archipelago. Sitting in a kayak with the completely still water around you and listening to the silence with the dulled city sounds far in the background is an almost magical experience that you shouldn’t miss.