Sometimes, we cannot depend on the hotel and the advertising of their services to ensure an enjoyable stay in a foreign country. To maximise your stay at a hotel, it is absolutely necessary to build up genuine relationships between you and the staff members, even if it is for a short time. After all, by remaining their loyal customer, or even exhibiting the appearance of one, can grant you some extra bonuses during your stay.

Staff Members are Humans Too!

Making sure that little social tricks of remembering the staff members’ names and addressing them with such are employed, goes beyond the simple etiquettes of typical politeness. Such techniques, although very simplistic, not only demonstrates your deference but also encourages a much more pleasant mood between you and the staff member, so that when you require favours (an extra toothbrush or a new robe), you are less likely to be turned down. Furthermore, such staff members are often brimming with insight on the local areas and their activities, whether it be sports events such as the newest basketball tournaments or theatrical performances, you’d be surprised at how openly they may share these with you without necessarily handing out huge tips. Indeed, being treated well by customers is often a fresh breeze for many who work in the hospitality industry, where the monotonous, repetitive tasks are often dulling and tedious.

Do Your Research

To ensure your complete satisfaction of the services provided, if, in the light of the need to remedy some kind of unfortunate discomfort, it is essential that you direct your complaint to the right person and in the correct way. Be assertive, but also stay within the borders of politeness. Many hotels also run rewards systems which would be worth taking a look at to save money in the future.