While advertisements have always propelled forth a majestic view as quintessential to choosing the perfect hotel for a business trip or holiday tour, in reality, it may not always be a pragmatic choice. In the light that most customers are not able to afford 5 star hotels with a magnificent location, overlooking sparkling waterfalls or the city lit up at night, surely more weight should be carried on the accessibility of the hotel in relation to public transport.

Being Pragmatic, Not Luxurious

Whilst coming home to a gorgeous resort that amplifies your pride as a well-to-do, lucky, working-class individual, may at first project your confidence, you will soon discover the disadvantages of booking such hotels. While at first, this may seem to be an ideal choice of accommodation, such hotels are often far removed from the bustling areas of the city where the intricate network of public transport resides. As a result, an earlier morning alarm call is needed, and on bad days, even earlier to avoid the morning rush from hustling anxious people pushing and shoving on trains to get to work.

Not to mention also that if you are looking forward to a business trip and will be staying for a few weeks, you will find very soon that the actual landscape that the hotel offers would deteriorate to the back of your mind. Certainly, the materialistic awe that accompanies the “Shiny New Object Syndrome” may persist for a few days. However, what really matters at the end of the day is the comfort of the INTERIOR that the hotel provides, and of course, friendly staff and an amiable mood to come back to at the end of a tiring day of work in a foreign place.

The perfect hotel does not necessarily entail the aesthetics outside of the window. Although this may bring great pleasure at first, it never lasts long.