As many travellers know, most hotels strive to be as memorable as possible in the crowded minds of their bustling lives. However, despite the little tricks and upgrades in their architecture, it always boils back to the basics of creating a tremendous general mood, which in some cases, have superseded the 5-star hotels.

The Basics

Of course, one of the most fundamental expectations from a customer would be the upholding of hygiene standards, which is quite self-explanatory. Hotels are by their very definition, a business providing accommodation, and so the usual taxing and tedious household chores of cleaning and tidying arrangements of the room must be strictly adhered to. However, the key here are the hotels which add a personal element to the room that sets the atmosphere of the hotel to be as amiable and passionate about their hospitality services. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; it may come simply in the flower arrangement or a free snack. Anything that shows their appreciation of you and your investment into them.

While a sunny attitude is definitely appreciated, this is also expected of every decent hotel service. After all, they are businesses concerned about their monthly profit turnaround. Despite this, the top tier hotels are the ones whose staff are not only there to provide convenient check-ins and check-outs, but also be attentive to your personal needs. Rather than automatically and boldly assuming the needs of each guest, they should not only ask thoughtful questions on what you may need after a tiring journey but also strive for the betterment of your own mood.

A top hotel doesn’t have to be a luxurious one with state of the art facilities. Sometimes, just going beyond the customers’ expectations, and promoting a balance between a friendly and almost communal ambience achieves much more than what most hotels can provide.