Scandinavia is famous for its serene natural hikes to observe its haunting Aurora Borealis and the phenomena of the midnight sun, but also for its rich cultural infusion of Viking architecture and high art. Depending on the tourist and their affinity to either the arts or nature, the hotels listed below correspond to either one of those tastes.

Villa Copenhagen in Denmark

The villa copenhagen hotel houses rooms of a soft white, beige and brown colour scheme; the absolute epitome of a European, luxurious abode. With soaring ceiling heights, it contains the spirit of Scandinavia itself; free, design-savvy and attentive to comfort and high-quality living. While many may come to play in Denmark, others are here for a business opportunity, and there is no better option than attending the lavishly elegant meeting rooms which draw attention to its minimalist, professional style that is both formal and welcoming. Its location invites convenience too; right next to the busy central railway station for easy travelling.

First Hotel G in Gothenburg

Being one of the most spacious hotels in Gothenburg, stylish in its contemporary interior design which boasts of quietness and peace, they also provide state-of-art facilities of gyms and saunas. Located above the main train central station, it is the perfect retreat for a warm home, and as an ideal location for accessing the public transport to visit the nearby opera houses for their enticing theatre performances. Clean and respectable, it is a concentrated area of international attention in terms of hospitality services.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Skinnskatteberg

As a cruder, much smaller lodge designed for your own satisfaction of living in style, much more in touch with nature, this hotel allows you to gather and chop your own wood for fires and fetch your own water from the local spring. Perfect for those who have long lost touch with nature due to their urban surroundings, this hotel is a nice retreat to explore their ancestral lineage.