Would you like to visit a land of unbroken nature, so beautiful it takes your breath away? Well, then Norway is the place to go. To be more exact, we recommend you to go to Bergen in Norway. Book a room at a lovely hotel in Bergen Norway, pack your umbrella and you are good to go.

Bergen is a picturesque city beautifully set just off the sea, with parts of the city climbing up the surrounding mountains. The city is the second largest in Norway, with just shy of 300 000 inhabitants. The Bergen port is the busiest in Norway, both from a freight and a passenger point of view.

What To See

When in Bergen, you have to visit the Hanseatic Wharf. It is a world heritage site and an historic remnant from the Hanseatic hay day when Bergen was the centre of a prosperous trade with the rest of Europe for many hundreds of years. Today, the buildings have been restored into their original Hansa style, and the wharf is the home of restaurants, shopping, crafts shops and historical museums.

The scenic nature is of course also well worth spending some time on. Take a boat trip along the main fjord in Norway, and feel the mountains towering over you. Or take a trip into the mountains to get a lovely view of the city and the fjord.

Where To Eat

Staying at hotel Oleana, you must of course try the hotel restaurant Acido! It is famous for its cross-over kitchen where Latin America meets the Nordics. Situated on the coast, the restaurant offers lots of fresh seafood including fish and shellfish.

26 North Restaurant and Social Club focuses on the Nordic Cuisine, with extra attention to anything from the Fjords. This is a high-quality restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Bryggen Tracteursted has focused on traditional food dating back to the Hanseatic times, but from a modern kitchen. The restaurant is situated on historical grounds, and has been built to mimic the eating places from the old times. The premises are well worth a visit, as is the food.